PV electric control intelligent built-in sunshade louver insulating glass

The new generation of "wiring free self powered photovoltaic built-in louver insulating glass" independently developed by CCIDLE has applied for a number of national patents.

Its technical principle is to use solar photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, and continuously supply power to lithium battery receivers. So as to control the transmission system in the glass cavity and realize the opening, closing and dimming functions of the shutter.

Simple and convenient installationLonger service lifeHigher performanceMore functional solutionsMultiple control modes
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Ten technical advantages and market highlights

The new generation of "photovoltaic electric control built-in louver insulating glass" independently developed by CCIDLE Technology Group is widely recognized and pursued by the owners and developers by virtue of its many advantages. This technology makes full use of multi band photovoltaic power generation and long-term energy storage applications based on the environmental characteristics of the building's external windows receiving direct sunlight or diffuse reflection. While realizing the intelligent dimming (shading) control of the building's external windows, The device has the characteristics of compact volume, concealment, high durability, the same life as the doors and windows, diversified functions, and more beautiful appearance. Compared with other common manual and electric louver glass in the market, photovoltaic electric control built-in louver insulating glass has obvious technical advantages and market prospects, and has obtained a number of patent certificates. Its main technical advantages and market acceptance highlights include:

  • 1.For the size of large doors and windows, super high (≥ 2m), super wide (≥ 1.7m), super thick (≥ 8-12mm), and single curtain size ≥ 3-6m2, the hollow glass of photovoltaic electric control built-in louver can be easily made into a single curtain, which is beautiful and luxurious.
  • 2.During the construction and installation of photovoltaic electric control built-in louver insulating glass, no third party is required to connect the power supply and arrange the line, which is consistent with the installation method of ordinary insulating glass, and will not cause product damage and circuit failure due to improper construction, which is safe and convenient.
  • 3.The "lithium battery receiver" on the hollow glass of the built-in louver of the photovoltaic electric control is compact and conceals the space, and has a manual button that can control the lifting of the louver. At the same time, it also supports the charging of external power sources such as the charging bank. When fully charged, it can meet the lifting needs of more than 2000 times for more than half a year, and the battery can be replaced at will.
  • 4.The motor in the insulating glass is a precision customized motor with high temperature resistance and high performance. Even if some motors may fail, the insulating glass does not need to be broken. It can be easily replaced only from the side of the insulating glass, so that the owner has no worries.
  • 5.The photovoltaic electric control is equipped with louver insulating glass, which can realize "single glass single control", "multiple glass single control" and "multiple glass full control". The control panel and remote controller equipped with the control panel can be independently controlled, simple, convenient and powerful. Each controller can control 99 pieces of louver glass.
  • 6.Timing control: the owner can set according to the room temperature, for example, the shutter can be automatically closed (sunshade and heat insulation) before 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in summer; From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in winter, the blinds can be automatically closed (passive solar thermal heating, thermal insulation), which can save energy and electricity, reduce the use rate of air conditioners, and meet the owner's needs for indoor sound, light, and heat comfort.
  • 7.Voice intelligent control: This product can be connected with "Tmall Genie", "Xiaodu" and other intelligent voice control systems wirelessly, and can realize various control needs of the shutter through the owner's voice, so that you can enjoy life intelligently.
  • 8.Remote control: The owner can realize remote control over the photoelectric control of the built-in louver insulating glass at home through the mobile phone APP. Even if he is overseas, the control is still unimpeded.
  • 9.SDLD photovoltaic electric control built-in louver insulating glass has a highly reliable precision transmission system, which can rise and fall more than 100000 times; With a service life of more than 30 years, the majority of users who choose SDLD products are satisfied and at ease.
  • 10.The photovoltaic electric control built-in louver insulating glass can intelligently store the behavior mode according to the preferences and habits of the users of the building's external windows, and set specific light and shadow effects for later memory calls, creating a more comfortable and beautiful indoor environment.

Since the "photovoltaic electric control built-in louver insulating glass" independently developed by SDLD Technology Group was launched into the Chinese market in 2020, in the field of high-end real estate and public construction projects, with the above ten advantages, "going out is the peak"! It has been recognized and pursued by more and more experts, owners and leading real estate enterprises, and has become the best choice for high-end system doors and windows, sun shading integrated transparent glass curtain walls, high-end residential communities and high-end office buildings so far.